Quick Tip: Resolve Salt-Cloud EC2 Instance Provisioning Failure during Dependency Installation

I recently began learning SaltStack to compliment my knowledge of Puppet. I always like to use a new technology I’m learning to accomplish meaningful tasks related to whatever project I’m working on at the time and SaltStack, along with its cloud-oriented companion Salt-Cloud, seemed like they would be very helpful when migrating my personal website and Blog from Squarespace back to Amazon Web Services. Once I had deployed a salt-master server and configured it with the necessary packages and profiles, I attempted to deploy my first EC2 instance using Salt-Cloud and ran into the following error:

[bash]salt-cloud * ERROR: Failed to run install_amazon_linux_ami_deps()!!![/bash]
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Quick Tip: Easily Set SELinux Enforcement Levels in CentOS 6

This post, like any other dealing with altering a security mechanism, should (and will) begin with a warning to NOT do this in a production environment. Obligatory bold warning text:
SELinux is a major security component in any RHEL-based Linux distribution and should never be disabled in a production environment without extensive consideration and forethought as it can seriously compromise system security. It’s best practice to work with an application vendor to ensure the application works with SELinux if it’s going to be placed in production. Now we return to the regularly scheduled Blog post.

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Force CentOS 6 to Re-Detect Network Devices

Recently, I began transitioning from VMware ESXi to Proxmox VE and ran into an unexpected issue. After imaging the VM’s running on top of ESXi and redeploying them into blank KVM VM’s, I noticed that even though the new VM’s had network interfaces they had no connectivity. After some investigation, I discovered that CentOS 6 uses udev to deal with all hardware devices; so restoring connectivity was as a quick, two-step process. Before we discuss the solution, though, let’s examine the root cause of the issue.

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