Quick-Tip: Mount an NFS Share with SaltStack

It isn’t made clear in Salt’s documentation, but I discovered a few weeks ago that Salt can easily mount NFS shares using the built-in mount module. The important thing to keep in mind is to specify nfs as the fstype argument. For example, the following state will mount a share called nfs_share_1 which is being served by file-server-1.example.com to the local mount-point /nfs:


Backing Up DevonTHINK Databases without Time Machine

The Mac Power Users podcast has a way of costing me money. The most recent example of this is my purchase of DevonTHINK in January. In the months since my usage of DevonTHINK has grown exponentially and, as I’ve put more and more data into it, backing up my DevonTHINK databases has become a major concern for me. I was surprised to discover DevonTHINK doesn’t really have a built-in mechanism for creating full backups and recommends using Time Machine for creating full backups. I’m not opposed to Time Machine and my wife and I use it to backup our MacBook Pros to a Synology NAS, but I wanted additional copies of my DevonTHNIK databases to exist outside of Time Machine so I could do slightly more interesting things with them. For instance, I can back up the secondary copies t two off-site backup providers for maximum redundancy in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, zombie invasion or other equally terrifying disaster. Wait. I’d probably be dead if either of those things happened so having access to my DevonTHINK databases probably wouldn’t matter…I digress.
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