Force a VMware VM to remove a stuck SCSI disk without a reboot

I was adding additional storage to a virtual file server a couple of weeks ago and I accidentally added a new disk using the wrong interface type. Upon realizing my mistake, I removed the disk in VMware vDirector, but, for whatever reason, the virtual machine, the OS or some combination of the two simply wouldn’t realize the disk had been removed and was no longer available on the SCSI bus. The block device ID consistently showed up in fdisk output even though it no longer existed and the SCSI bus had been scanned multiple times in vain. This could’ve probably been resolved with a simple reboot, but this VM was providing shares for production systems and couldn’t go down during the business day. A little poking around in the /sys/class/block directory pointed me in the right direction and I finally figured out I could trigger a rescan for only the offending drive with the following command:

After rescanning for only the stuck drive, it finally disappeared from the output of fdisk and I was able to add the drive again using the correct interface type. I realize there are much cleaner ways to do this, but most, if not all of them, require a reboot and I had to keep the system online while dealing with this issue. If anyone knows of another way to force a stuck block device to be dropped without a reboot please feel free to comment below.


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