My Top 5 Android Apps (June 2011)

Android has thousands of great apps, but these five have been my favorites this month. They’re all free, too!

DoubleTwist Player

One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone and other “iDevices” is the integrated music, movie and podcast ecosystem delivered by iTunes. DoubleTwist is something of a “middle-man” between iTunes on your Mac or PC and your Android phone. It allows you to sync your iTunes Library, playlists and play counts to your phone via a USB cable or wirelessly via doubleTwist AirSync (a separate $4.99 download from the Android Market.). DoubleTwist includes all the typical features of a media player (quick links to various media types, playlist support, etc) plus the ability to listen to internet radio from various sources. Even though DoubleTwist in intended to be used with iTunes it can be used on its own with media from non-DRM’d sources that you may already have on your SD Card. If you’re looking foran app to manage both media on your SD Card and your iTunes library DoubleTwist is it!

Pulse News

A port of the iOS version, Pulse News is the RSS reader for Android. Its gorgeous UI aside, it’s a fully featured app that allows you to easily add sources from either a curated set of sources offered by the app or from any source you like by importing an RSS feed. Offline Sync and integration with popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make Pulse News a winner.


Dropbox is a popular service that allows users to store up to 2GB of data in the cloud then sync it between different computers and devices for free. The free Android app allows you to take all the files, pictures, videos and other data you’ve uploaded to Dropbox with you. In addition to data synchronization the app has some very cool features like creating text files, images and videos directory from your device and auto-upload of images as you take them that make it a must-have for a user of both Android and Dropbox.


Netflix is everywhere these days (this is a great thing by the way!), but until recently it was absent for one portion of the mobile population, Android users. On may 12th 2011 Netflix finally released its app for Android for select devices (It is, however, available for devices that aren’t listed as being officially supported). The Netflix app has all the features of its iOS counterpart like the ability to watch Instant Streaming movies and TV shows on your device and  add titles to your Instant Queue for future viewing. If you’re a Netflix subscriber you’ll almost certainly want to take your movies and TV shows with you on the go.


I use Evernote heavily for my college studies so having anywhere access to my notebooks is very important. Evernote on Android provides anywhere access to your Evernote notebooks, allows you to edit existing notes, add new notes, search all your notebooks and more from within the app. Evernote for Android even uses OCR technology to index any text within a photo taken with an Android phone and uploaded to Evernote. This is super useful for things like whiteboards and business cards. Much like the Dropbox app, Evernote for Android is a must-have for users of both Android and Evernote.

And a bonus…


TweetDeck is your all-in-one social media dashboard. It integrates with sites life Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Foursquare and allows you to stay in touch with what’s happening around your personal networks. In addition to viewing status updates you can compose status updates of your own, track “likes”, comments and retweets and view photos uploaded by those you follow on Twitter or Facebook Friends. If you want to use a single app to stay connected while on the go TweetDeck is for you.


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